Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Keith Jarrell on Brain Injury

This blog is designed to be both a resource and perhaps a word of comfort to those family members that are dealing with a serious brain injury with a loved one. This horrible illness and the many complications that follow are varied. Most importantly it is necessary to know that many have had the very experience and experiences that you are now dealing with. Although this does not lessen your worry it could serve as a point of assurance to know that you might be able to learn from others mistakes.

Louie was injured in a automobile accident on January 17, 2004. It nearly took his life. He has suffered an inmeasureable amount of pain and heartache but even more importantly he has learned from this horrific moment in his life.

Learning is certainly the hard thing to do in this case. But learn he has none the less. In fact both of us have. Many others have as well. Friends, family members, neighbors, even delivery people that Louie has gotten to know have learned from his experiences.

You too can learn from what we have learned and from what we have to share.
Brain injury is a complicated and complex medical delima to be put in. Especially in the District of Columbia where so little help is readily available.
Louie has been most fortunate however to have received some of the best medical treatment possible.

A little later I'll get into specific Doctors, hospitals and health care providers that have been true professionals and indeed real freinds in the past three years.

But for now I would like to post this opening statement and get this blog up and running for those that just might find the need to ask questions or share their experiences online and in public.

We welcome you and invite your comment and participation.

Warmest regards -
Keith Jarrell
Lulzim Imeri (Louie)

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